P!EL goes CHINA: Five days along the ancient silkroad…



In August 2016 I´ve covered the old ancient silkroad of China on a five day trip along the southern border of the Gobi desert. The government of china and Bell Art invited me, as the only european photographer to shoot the silkroad in memory of Marco Polo for the first Dunhuang Culture and Art Expo. Maybe next march it will be a part of the LEICA Exhibition „Chinaflug“  in Bejing, with the wonderful photographs of Wulf-Diether Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen from 1930, curated by Karin Rehn-Kaufmann




A few weeks before I had my very first asian LEICA MasterClass Workshop in China/ Bejing. I started with a lecture and speech at the famous Tsinghua University, the very best chinese University for Art & Design in whole China. The Academy has 198 full-time teachers, of whom 60 are professors and over 2.000 students. Then I did a workshop on the next two day with 15 to 20 semi-professionell chinese photographers. They had to cover the opening of the exhibition of the famous and wellknown artist and painter Bai Di. Here are some impressions. First the lecture at the Tsinghau University where I met the the dean and director of the University , Mr. LU Xiaobo.


After that we had the LEICA MasterClass Workshop in the Today Art Museum in Bejing to prepare the 15 chinese photographers for their lesson during the exhibition of Bai Di.

And then my workshop photographers covered the exhibition of Bai Di in the Today Art Museum, and they did it well.

And on the last day of the workshop we discussed the results.


After my return to germany I had a mail which invited my to do the silkroad projekt.